Molli. Creating brand and packaging design for yogurt

Brand: Molli
Product: Yogurt

Molli is a new brand of yogurt, which was produced for local market of Uzbekistan. Dairy producer decided to enter market with a new brand and I helped them to do it. I researched market, and noticed that majority of products did not use a “Brand image” for creating their brand. All of them used a standart packaging design (cows and something like this). I suggested to use a different concept for this brand. Fish «Molli» has become a new symbol of brand. I was looking for a positive image for this product. I tried to create a unique color-graphic concept of packaging, which would be recognizable and remind consumers about product all time and anywhere

Art director: Jamal Akbarov
Graphic designers: Jamal Akbarov, Sarvar Joraev